What can Datawoj do for your organisation?

  • Research; expertise and experience in the fields of social research and consultation to inform customer insight. This includes effective customer survey design and management as well as analysis of socio-economic and customer data.
  • Analysis; analysing data to identify and compare key trends i.e. over time, geographical area or customer categories.  I have specialisms in data analysis, customer segmentation and geographical information systems to interrogate data and turn it into valuable insights.
  • Visualisation; communication of valuable insight through best practice data visualisation systems and techniques.  I can help present your organisations data to help facilitate better understanding of key trends leading to valuable insights.
  • Intelligence; experience managing large successful projects and building successful customer relationships.  I can help you interpret your data insights into actionable business intelligence to make your organisation more efficient and effective.

Who is Datawoj Ltd for?

Businesses and organisations who wish to operate more efficiently and effectively through evidence based decision making. For example: 

  • The public sector; with reduced resources and increasing demand for services, needs to target resources efficiently on a place based or customer level.  Research and insight into customer needs and wants can help predict future levels of demand and effect positive behaviour change.
  • The private sector; needs to understand the relationship between how their business operates and their customers’ behaviour.  Data visualisation can help identify key trends and evaluate impact in order to improve business performance and remain competitive.
  • The voluntary sector; with a low resource base needs to demonstrate social return on investment.  Data visualisation can help evaluate successful project outputs and outcomes.

How can Datawoj add value to your organisation?

Insight and intelligence helps businesses and organisations make better evidence based decisions.  This helps them to be more efficient and effective leading to improved business performance.

Some of the ways I can help your organisation achieve insight through research, analysis and data visualisation include for example;

  • Customer insight; customer research and data analysis can help organisations to attain a deep dive into customer sentiment.   This can reveal emerging customer demand as well as opportunities to target services to customers.  For example, a council wanting to understand where its most vulnerable clients are or a business wanting to know which of its products is most profitable.
  • Easy understanding of information;  Human eyes are able to grasp information more easily through visual imagery than static text or tables.  Data visualisation allows connections to be made between data in order to gain quick access to business and customer insights which are brought to the surface.
  • Identify and act on emerging trends faster; Visualising important correlations between datasets helps identify relationships and patterns between operational and business activities, to identify root causes of problems and resolve them more effectively.  Organisations can spot shifts in customer behaviours and market conditions and respond to new business opportunities.
  • Telling stories with data; Data visualisation can focus attention onto key trends making the business or organisation more efficient.  Interactive visualisations can help users drill down into data to identify which factors are driving key trends in customer demand or business performance.