“Colin has worked with my large membership organisation (200+ employees, 125,000 members, £25 million turnover) to design a Tableau dashboard and reports providing key metrics and research intelligence to a range of departments and stakeholders. This has involved training and advising myself and several other colleagues who had experience of Excel and SPSS but no prior experience with Tableau or comparable business intelligence software.

Colin’s help has been indispensable. He has provided us with a wide range of advice and training – not just in data visualisation, where he excels, but also in data prep and modelling. He has helped us unlock the potential of Tableau Prep, build robust relational databases in Tableau, and transition from using unpivoted data in Excel to pivoted (i.e. columns to rows) data in Tableau. 

Once we had created usable data sources, Colin delivered bespoke training for us on data visualisation techniques which was compelling, easy to digest and is transforming the way we present our research inside and outside the organisation. Colin also provided us with valuable information about new features in Tableau Prep and Desktop that have ended up proving very useful to us, as well as forthcoming ones.”

Nick Hardy, GIS Assistant at UCU


University and College Union is a membership organisation with over 200 employees, 125,000 members, and a £25 million turnover. They required assistance in designing a Tableau dashboard to report on essential metrics and research. The research team, with prior experience in Excel and SPSS, had no prior experience with Tableau or any similar business intelligence software.


The project included providing training and coaching to the research and campaigns teams on data visualization principles and Tableau software.


We provided the Research Team with 1-2-1 coaching in data modelling and implemented advanced Tableau features.  The Campaigns Team also received training in data visualization best practices, empowering them to tell more impactful stories with data.  To make the training more effective, we delivered bespoke workshops on data visualization techniques in an engaging and easy-to-understand format.


The result of the project transformed the way the organisation presented its research both internally and externally and provided valuable insights into new features in Tableau Prep and Desktop, which proved beneficial.

UCU have published an interactive HE finance reporting tool built in Tableau to highlight financial trends of Higher Education Providers as at 2021-22 to support their Members in pay settlements.