Experience and expertise in customer insight research and data visualisation for business intelligence

Datawoj is an independent consultancy, utilising data visualisation to deliver critical insights from customer and market research for evidence-based decision making.

I can help you to make sense of your data, turning it into valuable business intelligence to help make your decision making more effective.

What can Datawoj do for your organisation?

I can provide additional capacity in best practice data visualisation to support quicker and better decision making.  Bringing expertise in customer insight and market research to help you understand your stakeholder’s opinions and behaviours.

Some of the ways I can help your organisation include:

Customer Insight and Market Research

Develop engaging online surveys to gather stakeholder views and opinions.

Data Exploration and Analysis

Identify key trends in your customer data to identify future levels of demand.

Data Visualisation

Communication of valuable customer insight through applying best practice data visualisation techniques to create intuitive charts and dashboards.

Business Intelligence

Interpretation of your customer insights into actionable business intelligence to ensure your decision-making process is more effective.

How can Datawoj add value to your organisation?

Insight and intelligence help businesses and organisations make better evidence-based decisions. This helps them to be more efficient and effective leading to improved business performance.

Some of the ways that I can help your organisation to achieve insight through research, analysis and data visualisation include:

Customer Insight

Customer research can help organisations to attain a deep understanding of their customer’s needs, wants and behaviours. This can reveal emerging customer demand as well as opportunities to target services more efficiently.

Identify and act on emerging trends faster

Data analysis and exploration can help identify key trends and evaluate impact in order to improve business performance and identify new opportunities.

Easy understanding of information

Data visualisation communicates key customer and business insights, which allows for quicker and more accurate decision making.

Engage your target audience

Engage your audience through framing customer insights in compelling visual narratives that tell a story and highlight calls to action.

Who is Datawoj for?


Businesses and organisations who wish to operate more efficiently and effectively through evidence-based decision making.

Organisations who want to understand their stakeholders’ opinions and priorities. I have been able to help clients through designing engaging online surveys the results of which I have analysed and presented.

Businesses who want to monitor and improve their performance. I have helped clients make quicker and better decisions through visualising their data and designing insightful dashboards.

Case Studies


Showing what is possible for data visualisation – a Tableau proof of concept

Colin was proactive in researching and incorporating best practice data visualisation techniques and applying them in his dashboard designs. He was keen to engage with business stakeholders, communicating the art of the possible and listening to their feedback.

Saved a global charity time to monitor their social media performance

Colin was organised, proactive and flexible, and the outcome of this approach means we have not only delivery of the dashboards, but have undergone with Datawoj a rich process of learning through joint problem-solving – and we are delighted with the result.

How to help a local community council to better understand its residents’ views

We have come away from the survey part of the project with minimal fuss and some very valuable insights to carry us forward into next stage. 

Sub Regional Leadership Data Analytics Masterclass

In terms of the data visualisation approach, Colin helped us to think about the art of the possible, while maintaining the highest levels of accuracy and quality – rooted in the outcomes we hope to achieve.

Helping a local authority understand staff views on flexible and mobile working

Throughout the project, Colin kept in close contact and checked with us regarding key elements of the analysis to make sure the outputs provided the intelligence we needed to support decision making.

Mind the Gap! Visualising Small Area Housing Affordability Data

Throughout, Colin has been an excellent communicator, diligent with the quality of work and bringing additional value to the work that we do.

Latest From The Blog


How to focus your audience’s attention in your data visualisations?

We have seen how the human brain processes visual information through iconic, short and long term memory.  Pre-attentive attributes such as colour, length and position are visual properties that are processed very quickly in the sub-conscious memory.  As data visualisers we can leverage pre-attentive attributes to focus our audience’s attention to highlight key performance issues.

Visually analysing the answers to why?

Building different views allows our audience to see different insights from the same data.  This means being able to quickly ask and answer business questions.  This is important to be able to see the underlying cause of problems.  It also means that we can go exploring in detail different paths of analysis, which is a great way to engage our audience’s curiosity.

Highlighting data trends with interactive visualisations

Quite often we will see data visualisations which try to stand out by using too much colour.  The problem is that this can lead to cognitive overload as there is too much to process.  Additionally when everything is the same colour then nothing really stands out. 

Visualising American sleep patterns over time – but can we trust the data?

One of the challenges of analysing data is dealing with imperfect datasets.  For this week's #MakeoverMonday Challenge, I visualised the sleep patterns of Americans by age and gender over time.  The data is interesting as it shows most Americans aged 15 and over are...
Step count visualisation for #SWDchallenge.

Visualising my step count: bars and lines together add insights

Analysing the data as aggregate bar charts and individual points on a line made me think about different ways I could improve my average step count.

My visualisation of the top 10 happiest countries in the Happy Planet Index

Which are the happiest countries? Visualising the top 10 countries on the Happy Planet Index

Set actions are versatile: the metric calculation can be used to change the chart, title and colour of the measure selector!

Land Use by Food Type

How can meat eaters reduce the environmental impact of their diet?

By using colour and an insightful title, we can focus our audience’s attention to a key take-away.

How to evaluate the results of an experiment visually using data?

The lollipop chart is a simple, fun variant on the bar chart whilst retaining most of its accuracy.

How we can focus our data stories?

Through employing some storytelling techniques, including choosing an appropriate chart type, strategic use of colour and size and removing confusing or complicated elements we can enhance the focus of our data story. 

How can data visualisation support better decision making in the public sector?

There are a range of benefits that data visualisation can bring to help the public sector make better decisions.  However, the type of visualisation we build depends upon the audience.

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