Visualising insights from business and research data

Hello, I’m Colin

As a certified Tableau Data Analyst, I am an expert in visualising business and research data into actionable insights.

Building on many years experience of delivering Local Government Research and Intelligence to support service planning.

Some of the ways I can support you to see and understand your business and research data include:

  • Design effective online surveys to gather data on stakeholder priorities
  • Survey data analysis and reporting to provide valuable insights into stakeholder opinions
  • Explore key trends in your data through visual and spatial analysis
  • Design insightful charts and interactive dashboards to highlight key insights
  • Enhance your skills through training in survey data analysis and visualisation.

Saving you time, engaging your audience and improving your business performance.


Key Services

Analysis of your business and research data to gain valuable insights. Communicated through data visualisation to engage your target audience.



Design effective online surveys to gain valuable insights into stakeholder opinions 

Undertake social research to identify key priorities for action in local areas.

Data Analysis

Survey data preparation and analysis

Analyse business data to explore and uncover key trends

Map spatial data to provide insights over geographical areas.

Data Visualisation

Survey reports that provide valuable insights

Interactive data visualisations to engage with research data

Dashboards to highlight key performance issues.


Training in survey design and data visualisation

Delivered through interactive webinars or on site.

How does this add value?

Some of the ways I can help add value to your organisation include:

Increased capacity

Delivering a flexible on demand research and intelligence service.

Quicker routes to insight

Uncovering and communicating insights tailored to your audience’s needs.

Enhanced research visibility

Visibly demonstrate the impact of your research and intelligence work.

Enhanced skills and expertise

Widening your team’s access to specialist research skills and expertise.

Who can benefit?

Organisations who want to turn their business and research data into insights for better decision making.  For example…

  • Helping local authorities understand customer and staff perceptions through survey analysis and reporting


  • Demonstrating the impact of national research studies through developing bespoke interactive data visualisations
  • Supporting businesses to monitor and improve their performance through designing interactive sales and marketing dashboards


  • Training data analysis teams to design better surveys and visualise survey data for reporting.

Case Studies

Supporting a training organisation to develop a “Tableau on Tap” course

I really enjoyed working with Colin. In this project we brainstormed ideas to set the framework together and Colin then worked independently to fill in the majority of the gaps. This provided a decent quality draft to review and Colin then enhanced the deliverables...

Supporting Market Research Analysis in Tableau

I had a need to analyze some market research that was beyond my Tableau capabilities (it turns out this is actually quite a hard analysis). Colin helped to structure the analysis and set up the Tableau workbooks and created many charts that I was able to show to the client with little additional work. He also gave me some tips on using Tableau myself. I was very happy with the work and definitely plan to work with Colin again.

Saving a Content Marketing Agency Time to Visualise Return on Investment

Colin has done an excellent job at translating our complicated reporting requirements into an easy to use, insightful collection of dashboards. We tasked Colin with pulling together multiple sources of marketing, sales and customer data to create automated KPI calculations such as Conversion Rates, Lead to Sale Rates etc. and most importantly ROI. It has certainly been a journey with a considerable amount of testing and fine tuning but I can’t fault Colin in terms of his patience and willingness to make amends. We will certainly be working with Colin more in the future.

Supporting an Academic to Understand Practitioner Opinion of Health UX

Working with Colin was great. He understands data and Tableau very well. We worked on health IT Likert scores, and he managed the somewhat ‘messy’ data very well. He was utterly patient. He understands how to get insights from data and goes to great lengths to make sure my perspective was taken into account. I have ended up with a great slide deck of data visualisations.

Saving a research agency time so they can grow their business

I’ve worked with Colin on a number of projects. His expertise in data visualisation has been invaluable. Organised, communicative and just easy to work with.

Interactive bar chart showing Good Work Indices

Helping a professional body to visualise their research findings

It was a pleasure working with Colin on this project. There was a real sense of co-creation as we worked closely to refine and shape the product to our requirements. Throughout the process, Colin was very responsive to any changes or suggestions. He had a “can-do” approach to any potential challenges and the ability to deliver. Communications and updates on progress were regular and helpful. 100% recommend.

Pareto Chart shows most valuable townships by % of total sales.

Supporting a retail SME to present its business intelligence solution

Colin has wide ranging industry experience as an analyst, researcher and most importantly for our project, as a Tableau developer. This was invaluable as he was thus able to quickly grasp our industry nuances and how his work fit into the larger picture.

Training a Council to design good practice questionnaires and visualise the results effectively

Really knowledgeable and delivered a great session that will help us improve our questionnaire design and data viz.

Management KPI Dashboard

Saving a global charity time to monitor their social media performance

Colin was organised, proactive and flexible, and the outcome of this approach means we have not only delivery of the dashboards, but have undergone with Datawoj a rich process of learning through joint problem-solving – and we are delighted with the result.

How to help a local community council to better understand its residents’ views

We have come away from the survey part of the project with minimal fuss and some very valuable insights to carry us forward into next stage. 

Latest From The Blog

How to design an effective customer insight survey?

Appropriate questions lead to an effective survey which provides accurate customer insights. Easy to complete questionnaires lead to higher response rates. 

Interactivity empowers dashboard users

Data visualisations often need to answer multiple business questions.  Engaging with stakeholders leads to an understanding of what they would like to see and know.

An effective process for analysing online survey data

Market research is essential for understanding what your customer’s needs are and how you can tailor your product or service to meet them.  Online surveys are a cost effective method to engage with your target audience.  However, the reports automatically generated by online survey tools may not always meet your needs.

When is it useful to diverge from data storytelling design constraints?

Diverging away from the use of colour to focus on most recent day also meant I could tell a different story. An important consideration when telling a story with data.

Dashboard designed for colour accessibility

How can we design more accessible data visualisation colours?

Rather than avoiding using red and green altogether, we can design our dashboards more accessibly. 

How can we design dashboards to aid audience understanding?

How we design our charts influences our audience’s understanding. It is important to aim for consistency in dashboard design.  However, we cannot assume that just because we have been consistent in our designs.  That our audience will be consistent in their understanding.  An important consideration for data literacy.

Word Clouds v Bar Charts for Text Analysis

Word clouds are a fun way to show text responses to a survey.  However, they are not very accurate and can be misleading. 


How do we make insights from sales dashboards stand out?

How do we make insights from sales dashboards stand out?

Colour is a powerful tool to enhance dashboard design.

It can be used to align to brands, show patterns, highlight performance and focus attention.

Chart visualising feedback from a customer survey

Visualising the Insight

Iterating through different designs can help come to the right chart solution to answer the right business question.

Where to start with visualising your survey data

In this article, we will explore some key issues, things to consider as well as practical tips for visualising survey data.

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