Colin has wide ranging industry experience as an analyst, researcher and most importantly for our project, as a Tableau developer. This was invaluable as he was thus able to quickly grasp our industry nuances and how his work fit into the larger picture. Our requirement was a prototype that worked, managed complexity, gave value adding insight to our clients, and looked great. Colin’s design skill created a landscape of possibilities for our future dashboard that will differentiate our company in the market. He is active in the visualization community, on top of best practices which he continually shared with our Team, and constantly bringing into frame the new capabilities that Tableau was launching. We recommend Colin and will be working with him on an ongoing basis. Grab him while you can.
Brett Joyle

Founder and Chief, Momnpop


A retail based start up wanted to showcase its business intelligence solution to potential suppliers. The goal was to create a presentation of retail data insights which could highlight trends in brand penetration.


A creative designer was required to deliver visually rich, compelling and innovative business dashboards to display data and insights suitable to a corporate audience. The design needed to be eye catching, elegant, unique and professional in style.


  • Scoped out requirements in terms of business questions that needed answering through data visualisation
  • Mapped out data connections required from Google Big Query databases for analysis and visualisation within Tableau
  • Reviewed best practice data visualisation designs which would meet the business requirements
  • Designed a brand penetration report based upon a series of visually rich and interactive dashboards.


The dashboard was an interactive report which combined elegant designs with relevant data insights, which my client could present to a corporate audience.