Colin’s knowledge of the data and intelligence needs within our sector coupled with his knowledge and understanding of how our organisations work, was a real asset when delivering our Sub-regional leadership Masterclass on Data Analytics.

Many of our senior managers and workforce leads have worked with Colin directly or have benefitted from the clarity and sophistication of his work over a number of years. As a well-respected senior practitioner who consistently delivers impactful quality solutions, he commands the attention of both senior staff and data analyst practitioners alike, with a credibility and trust which has been built over years of excellent service.

We wouldn’t hesitate to draw upon his knowledge and skills again and would highly recommend a dialogue with Colin about what he has to offer.

Fiona Sutton Wilson

Programme Manager, Cheshire & Warrington Sub-Regional Programme Office


To help facilitate a sub-regional masterclass on how data analytics can support public sector reforms.

“What we were trying to do, was to marry data analytics thinking with commissioning and service development thinking to create a common language. The Masterclass was an important launch event on this journey” (Fiona Sutton Wilson).


  • To explore the data available to public sector organisations and understand the ways in which it can be used, analysed and shared to reform public services within the Cheshire and Warrington Sub – Region.
  • Participants learnt about how other UK regions and world cities are using data analytics to address local challenges, and explored how these principles could be applied to develop their own sub-regional approach to data and information.


  • Presented the themes of the Cheshire and Warrington Sub Regional Strategy using data visualisation techniques.
  • Mapped and visualised existing sub –regional data programmes by organisation and type.
  • Supported NESTA to facilitate workshop sessions on how strategic objectives can be enabled via actionable insight gained from minimum information products.


  •  “Joining forces with Nesta’s Eddie Copeland, Colin’s expertise in customer insight and Data Visualisation helped to set the scene for creating a new approach…
  • In terms of the data visualisation approach, Colin helped us to think about the art of the possible, while maintaining the highest levels of accuracy and quality – rooted in the outcomes we hope to achieve” (Fiona Sutton Wilson).