Colin was great to work with.  He provided a very personalised and flexible approach, giving us options to suit our needs and our budget.  Throughout the project, Colin kept in close contact and checked with us regarding key elements of the analysis to make sure the outputs provided the intelligence we needed to support decision making.  Everything was delivered on time and I found Colin very easy to work with.

Beverley Wilson

Insight and Intelligence Manager, Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWAC)


To analyse the responses to a flexible mobile working staff survey and present the results back an operational steering group.



  • CWAC were keen to understand the perceptions of staff in relation to a new flexible and mobile working policy.
  • They had undertaken an online questionnaire emailed to all office staff – with an overall response of 1,108 employees. Themed staff workshops were held in key office locations.  Themes included; ‘travel’, ‘caring responsibilities’, ‘IT and technology’ and ‘Flexible and Mobile.’
  • Datawoj worked with the client to analyse the results of the survey and present back key findings to an operational steering group.


  • Analysis of headline quantitative survey results including measures of; staff working patterns, staff priorities, as well as a respondent profile.
  • Summary presentation of qualitative survey results including measures of; benefits, opportunities and issues identified for flexible mobile working.
  • Subgroup analysis of headline survey results by location and service area.
  • Production of a presentation, which brought both quantitative and qualitative survey results together for an operational steering group consisting of Change Team, Human Resources, Research and Communications managers.


  • Additional analytical capacity freed up the Research team to work on other projects at a time of organisational change.
  • Enhanced understanding of staff perceptions about flexible and mobile working including; priorities, issues and opportunities by both service area and location.
  • Quick delivery of accurate insights on staff perceptions of flexible and mobile working based upon data visualisation techniques.
  • Operational decision making based upon a robust evidence base.