I’ve worked with Colin on a number of projects. His expertise in data visualisation has been invaluable. Organised, communicative and just easy to work with.

Adam Pearson

Research Agency Owner / Award Winning Freelancer, Pearson Insight Ltd.


Adam runs Pearson Insight, a small but growing research agency.  It specialises in helping the public, cultural and not for profit sectors uncover insights and find answers through research.


Adam’s challenges included:-

  • Increasing the agency’s range of specialist skills
  • To reduce the need for lengthy time consuming research reports
  • Balancing research analysis with business development.


I was able to support Adam on a few similar projects by:

  • Providing expertise in data visualisation of research findings
  • Building bespoke interactive dashboards in Tableau
  • Delivering a flexible on demand service at busy times.


The outcome has been a successful collaborative relationship.    Together we have:

  •  Engaged audiences through visible research findings
  •  Saved clients time as they can filter their reports
  •  Saved Adam time so he can focus on building his business.