I really enjoyed working with Colin. In this project we brainstormed ideas to set the framework together and Colin then worked independently to fill in the majority of the gaps. This provided a decent quality draft to review and Colin then enhanced the deliverables based upon our discussions and delivered some fantastic results for the Tableau Training on Tap material. Indeed the feedback from our training delegates has been really supportive of the work that Colin has produced for us. I recommend Colin to anyone wanting to help improve teams capabilities to deliver insights using Tableau.

Steve Adams

Tableau Coach, Visual DJ Ltd.


Visual DJ (VDJ) required support to develop resources for their virtual “Tableau on Tap” coaching course.  The course aims to transform teams from report writers to agile analysts.  Empowered to deliver business value to support decision making.  Additional capacity was required to develop resources. To save VDJ time to focus on course development and marketing.


Develop resources based upon researching best practice from the Tableau Community.  To inform the following 2 training modules.

  • Gathering requirements for dashboard development
  • Dashboard design templates.


Developing keynotes of resources.  To inform course content.  Recorded walk through recordings of keynotes. To guide VDJ through the content delivery.

Keynotes included:

  • Decision making processes.  To define dashboard drill downs
  • Adapted real life case studies. To identify common pitfalls and solutions
  • Dashboard depth of use model. To identify report characteristics
  • Dashboard templates; reporting, navigation pathways and self-serve insights
  • Dashboard design resources and standards. To guide course delegates.


  • Developed Keynotes with resources that could be adapted for the TOT course
  • Grounded in best practices research from the Tableau Community
  • Shared thoughts and ideas with VDJ to help “flesh out” course content
  • Saved VDJ time so they could focus on developing other aspects of the course.

Dashboard Depth of Use Model

Draft resources to inform course content.