It was a pleasure working with Colin on this project. There was a real sense of co-creation as we worked closely to refine and shape the product to our requirements. Throughout the process, Colin was very responsive to any changes or suggestions. He had a “can-do” approach to any potential challenges and the ability to deliver. Communications and updates on progress were regular and helpful. 100% recommend.

Derek Tong

Intelligence Content Manager, CIPD


CIPD wanted to create an interactive data visualisation, which could be embedded in their website.  The aim was to:

  • Visualise data from the Good Work Index (GWI), which includes 7 measures of what makes a good quality job
  • Promote public awareness of the UK Working Lives Report
  • Enhance engagement with adopting the 7 measures
  • Identify critical issues in the workplace, which can be addressed.


  • Create an interactive data visualisation to display each of the 7 measures across standard occupations
  • Allow users the ability to sort occupations by GWI rank or alphabetically
  • Track occupations across the 7 measures of good work
  • Embed the visualisation on a public facing page of the CIPD website
  • Design a mobile friendly view compatible with the website.


  • Maximised collaboration and iteration to meet the requirements in terms of UX and accessibility
  • Reviewed best practices from the Tableau Community as well as examples from my own Tableau Public portfolio
  • Delivered interactive functionality to sort and track occupations
  • Designed a mobile version to ensure accessibility across different devices
  • Published test visualisations to ensure effectiveness when embedded into the website.


  • An interactive data visualisation, which allows users to engage and explore the GWI data across different occupations
  • Added visual context to the research findings on the GWI webpage
  • The visualisation was viewed over 30,000 times in the 2nd year of publication.