This is a data visualisation comparing restricted diets across the Globe.

The aim of this data visualisation is to improve upon an original as featured on for week 39.

What I liked:

  • The engaging colours
  • Icons are recognisable
  • Clear title / sub-title
  • Comparison of continents

What I disliked:

  • The icons are distracting
  • Too many colours at once
  • Bendy bars are not accurate compared to straight bars
  • I would prefer to compare Global Regions rather than diets

My goals:

  • To keep it clear and simple
  • The chart is a connected dot plot, designed for a mobile phone
  • I wanted to utilize interactivity to allow the user to compare each Global region to the Global average via a drop down filter.  The dashboard title, chart colour and tooltips automatically update depending upon which region is selected

Benefits and challenges:

The benefits of this approach are that it supports a quick at a glance view of the most popular dietary choices.

The challenge is to incorporate all the detail of a data visualisation on a reduced scale.

The interactive version is available on Tableau Public.